What to do if confronted by a ICE officer (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)


With tensions and concerns high in immigrant communities, Long Island Wins has created three know-your-rights videos.  Long Island Wins is an advocacy and educational group which fosters community partnership with existing and new Americans.  

Every day a new story seems to surface about an immigration raid, an airport detainment and, most shockingly, an immigrant agent showing up at at Queens elementary school looking for a fourth grader.  

This type of nervous climate lends itself to scammers who take advantage of individuals who feel they are in a vulnerable place.  Knowing your rights is a good place to start.  Long Island Wins clearly communicates that these video are for informational purposes only and not legal advice.  They advise individuals that may have had a prior legal issue with immigration, and have some concerns, to contact a lawyer for advice.  

Overall the videos, in English, Spanish and subtitles, offer individuals various scenarios on how to deal with Immigration and Custom Enforcement when approached on the street or in your home.  

View the videos below.