Southeast Queens is site of 2017 first fatalities

Early New Year’s Morning, a pedestrian was struck at Rockaway Boulevard and South Conduit Avenue.  He was the year’s first fatality.  The 52 year old male was attempting to cross the street when he was struck by a vehicle which fled the scene.  The police have issued a video and a photograph along with a notification at the site in an attempt to identify the vehicle. 

On January 2 a man was fatally shot at 124th Street.  Rocky Kalisaran was one of two men at the scene that suffered gunshot wounds.  The second individual, identified as his brother, received a non-threatening wound to his back.  They were the apparent victims of an attempted robbery.

These two deaths begin 2017 on a dismal note.  Especially in light of the historic crime reductions reported by the NYPD in 2016.  Overall crimes are down to its lowest point in the modern Compstat era, the time where these statistics were monitored.  Shootings are also at their lowest levels, down 12.3% a reduction of 140 shootings in 2016. 

“2016 was the safest year ever in the history of New York City. We have been working hard at reducing crime to historic lows, when many said it could not be done,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill.

The Commissioner credits, in part, the Neighborhood Policing Program for the decreases.

“Our Neighborhood Policing program has enabled us to fight crime, address the community’s concerns, and build trust.” He said.

These decreases coincide with the NYPD’s curtailed use of stop and frisk.

“Three years ago, countless onlookers scoffed at the notion that New York City could reduce crime from already record lows. Yet we’ve done it, all while working toward a more just city by reducing arrests and curtailing the overuse of stop and frisk,” said Mayor Bill deBlasio.

Both fatalities remain under investigation.