Rockaway Ferry Discontinued, Elected Try to Soften the Blow

Its official.
Ferry service to and from the Peninsula has been discontinued.   A joint statement was issued by elected officials which service the area.  It reads,
“We are extremely disappointed at the decision to discontinue ferry service to the Rockaways. We will continue to fight for a ferry that the Rockaways deserves and need to connect the peninsula to lower Manhattan.”  It is signed by Congressman Gregory Meeks, Borough President Melinda Katz, State Senator Joe Addabbo, State Senator James Sanders, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, AssemblyWoman Michelle Titus and Councilman Eric Ulrich.
The statement goes on to address another pressing issue in the Rockaways, homeless shelters.
It reads, “We are however very thankful that Mayor De Blasio has decided to withdraw plans to place a homeless shelter on B 8th Street. The elected officials in the meeting at city hall were United in its opposition to the homeless shelter. The decision to not move forward on the homeless shelter siting was a welcome announcement.”