Playground Upgrade @ IS 59

After six long years the playground at Intermediate School 59 is finally finished and the school held it’s ribbon cutting ceremony despite the inclement weather on Wednesday October 22.

The process for the new playground started six years ago under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  It was part of the “Schoolyard-to Playgrounds” initiative based on the PlaNYC 2030 mission to provide greater access to parks across New York City.  This initiative aims to convert underutilized schoolyards into vibrant community playgrounds.

The plans for the school were drawn up back in 2008 with input from the then IS 59 students, but the project was stalled along the way due to bureaucratic issues within the New York City Department of Education. IS 59 Principal Carlton Gordon, reached out to  Community District Education Council President 29Q (CDEC29Q), Alicia Hyndman, to see if the project could be saved.  After a flurry of emails contact was made with the DOE Office for space planning and the playground plan was resurrected.

Construction began in 2012 and the completed playground is aesthetically pleasing for the students of IS 59 and the surrounding community of South East Queens.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was attended by District 29 Superintendent Lenon Murray, Deputy Queens Borough President Leroy Comrie, New York State Assemblyman William Scarborough, CDEC 29 President Cheryl Rochelle, and District 29 Presidents’ Council president Yvette Small.

by Alicia Hyndman

IS 59 Playground
IS 59 Playground