NYPD Accident Reports Now Available Online!


Drivers involved in collisions can now obtain copies of their reports electronically and with no fee.  The new portal is thanks to the NYPD and City Council which introduced legislation which mandated the NYPD provide individuals access to reports online and immediately upon its preparation.    

Previously, individuals had to appear in person at the precinct where the collision occurred in order to obtain a copy of their report.  The process was often inconvenient and involved setting aside a large portion of time.   

Thanks to today‚Äôs technology, officers can take reports electronically at the scene.  This allows for the report to be processed in a timely fashion.  Affected parties can obtain their paperwork faster and easier as a result. 

To-date, the system includes collision reports taken after September 30, 2016.  Users will have to follow a few steps to receive a secure PIN and access to their report.  The system is reportedly senior friendly

Reports are available at https://collisionreport.nypdonline.org/