Mayor unveils site of the future 116 Precinct

Facade 105th Satellite Precinct

On Monday, July  17, Mayor deBlasio revealed the location for the future 116th Precinct.  The precinct will be located at 242-40 North Conduit Avenue, adjacent to the 115th Satellite precinct.   The space which is currently allocated as a parking lot.   The new precinct will assume over half of the 105th Precinct’s territory, which is currently the fifth largest precinct in the city.  The specific borders of the precinct will be determined at a later date. 

The future precinct, which was years in the making, is still years from becoming a reality.

“We’re still some years away from flipping on the lights and answering radio-runs in the new 1-16 and the borders of the precinct won’t be solidified until we get closer to completion,” said Commissioner O’Neill at the site unveiling.

The hope is the new precinct will cut response times for 911 and 311 calls.