Laurelton Memorial Day Parade 2017

It was a dreary day with periods of rain.  The streets were empty and along Merrick Blvd there seemed to not be a car in sight.  Then in the distance, the beating of the drums sounded that familiar parade beat.  Then the marchers came, smiling and happy, umbrellas in hand.  Nothing was going to stop the community from thanking their veterans!  A little rain is nothing in comparison to the sacrifice veterans made to protect our freedoms.  The spirit of the parade was so upbeat and filled with gratitude it seemed like the sunniest day in May.  Along 225th Street, the annual tradition of neighbors cheering on the parade as they passed by was unabated.  The parade ended at the Veterans triangle at 225th and the Conduit for a heartfelt memorial service which ended with a thankful community shaking hands and snapping selfies with veterans.