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Too Far Down: The Rockaway Ferry

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by TODD MULLER What Does Rockaway Ferry Mean for Far Rockaway???? Is Far Rockaway thrilled about the Rockaway Ferry service which set sail on Monday, May 1, from Beach 108th Street, stopping in Sunset Park, then landing in Wall Street?   Correspondent TOod Muller asked commuters and employees near the Rockaway/Mott Av A station this week, the consensus was: Not really. The commuters we spoke with waiting for the A train at the Far on Monday morning had more questions than answers, from “Where is it?” to “How much does it cost?” to “Where does it go?” Far Rockaway resident Beth Navarette travels to Manhattan every weekday. When asked if she thought that the ferry would have any effect on her, she replied, “Probably not.” “Getting to the ferry is a pain,” she added, “I would just