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Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway 2014

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Four days before Thanksgiving!  It was the perfect day to give away free turkeys.  Not only was the weather cooperating, after that artic blast, but the turkeys were frozen which means there is enough time for the turkeys to thaw, be seasoned and made ready for the Holiday Dinner. The giveaway was sponsored by Councilman I. Daneek Miller.  Folks had been lining up since 10A that morning and their wait paid off.  There was a turkey for everyone!  They had about 300 13-15 pound turkeys to donate and each person had their own plans for the turkey. Barbara Moore is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for her grandchildren. William Hallow and Samia are going to fry their turkey. Verna Simmons is going to have her daughter cook it. Edward Blalock is having his lady cook it. NYPD Commun

Playground Upgrade @ IS 59

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After six long years the playground at Intermediate School 59 is finally finished and the school held it’s ribbon cutting ceremony despite the inclement weather on Wednesday October 22. The process for the new playground started six years ago under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  It was part of the “Schoolyard-to Playgrounds” initiative based on the PlaNYC 2030 mission to provide greater access to parks across New York City.  This initiative aims to convert underutilized schoolyards into vibrant community playgrounds. The plans for the school were drawn up back in 2008 with input from the then IS 59 students, but the project was stalled along the way due to bureaucratic issues within the New York City Department of Education. IS 59 Principal Carlton Gordon, reached out to  Community

Council Member Miller Requests Moratorium on Van Approvals

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Led by New York City Council Member I. Daneek Miller, representatives from the offices of Assembly Member Bill Scarborough and Council Member Donovan Richards, along with Adrienne Adams of Community Board 12, Harbachan Singh of the Queens Civic Congress, President Mark Henry from ATU Local 1056, and Dustin Jones of Disabled in Action called today for the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to reform the safety and legal standards of the commuter van industry, along with improving enforcement of the existing rules and regulations that govern the vans. The press conference began at 6pm across from the Jamaica Bus Terminal on the intersection of Archer Ave and Parsons Blvd in Queens. On Sunday, September 14th, an illegal commuter van engaged the NYPD in a high speed chase that left a 2...

Independence and Freedom

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                                                                      Independence and Freedom Recently, I came across a newspaper from another community.  In it I found that there was not one act of violence or crime reported, no discussion of poor academic achievement, inadequate housing, political unawareness or uncertainty.  There were at least three pages of fund raisers for children’s camps and programs with not a hint of a BBQ or cookout event.  Its features section highlighted the accomplishments of their people locally and abroad.  There was no effort to hide the fact that the newspaper promoted the history, culture, religion and heritage of its people.  Advertisements and financial support of the newspaper were widely evident throughout. Examining this newspaper led

Rebuilding Rockaway East

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Rebuilding Rockway East The birds are coming back.  So are the frogs and salamanders. On Wednesday, May 21, residents of the Peninsula gathered for a community update:  ‘Arverne East and the Future of Rockaway.’ The meeting was an opportunity for the developer, architect and elected officials to present their vision for the rebuilding of the area. The planned design is thoughtful and progressive. The space includes recreational, living, commercial, entertaining and educational spaces.  There will also be plenty of open spaces for passive recreation.  The plan calls for relocating the current school, so students can be dropped off in a quiet location and the creation of the vocational school which will tackle progressive trades like solar energy.  Fifty acres have been set aside as a natur