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Rebuilding Rockaway East

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Rebuilding Rockway East The birds are coming back.  So are the frogs and salamanders. On Wednesday, May 21, residents of the Peninsula gathered for a community update:  ‘Arverne East and the Future of Rockaway.’ The meeting was an opportunity for the developer, architect and elected officials to present their vision for the rebuilding of the area. The planned design is thoughtful and progressive. The space includes recreational, living, commercial, entertaining and educational spaces.  There will also be plenty of open spaces for passive recreation.  The plan calls for relocating the current school, so students can be dropped off in a quiet location and the creation of the vocational school which will tackle progressive trades like solar energy.  Fifty acres have been set aside as a natur

Planting a Seed, Growing a Community

Far Rockaway, Neighborhoods
 Planting a Seed, Growing a Community Worm manure is high in protein. That is but one of the interesting facts learned on recent visit to the Healthy Initia-tives Farm in Far Rockaway. The farm is part of RDRC’s (Rockaway Development and Revitalization Corporation) healthy finances/healthy food initiatives made possi-ble by a grant from New York Community Trust.  The program wants to strengthen finan-cial stability and increase the food options available to residents of the Peninsula. It’s a novel idea whose time has more than come. When Superstorm Sandy hit, the Penin-sula discovered how vulnerable they were to a healthy food supply. "We realized how unprepared this com-munity was," said Kevin Alexander, Presi-dent and CEO of RDRC. 90% of food on the Peninsula come from el