Far Rockaway

Planting a Seed, Growing a Community

Far Rockaway, Neighborhoods
 Planting a Seed, Growing a Community Worm manure is high in protein. That is but one of the interesting facts learned on recent visit to the Healthy Initia-tives Farm in Far Rockaway. The farm is part of RDRC’s (Rockaway Development and Revitalization Corporation) healthy finances/healthy food initiatives made possi-ble by a grant from New York Community Trust.  The program wants to strengthen finan-cial stability and increase the food options available to residents of the Peninsula. It’s a novel idea whose time has more than come. When Superstorm Sandy hit, the Penin-sula discovered how vulnerable they were to a healthy food supply. "We realized how unprepared this com-munity was," said Kevin Alexander, Presi-dent and CEO of RDRC. 90% of food on the Peninsula come from el