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So You Want to Open A Food Business

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So you make a killer oxtail stew and you want to be in the food business.  Then the Jamaica Food Entrepreneurship and Services Training Space is for you.  Jamaica FEASTS is a free incubator program for aspiring food entrepreneurs.  It entails 12 weekly classes on how to open your own food business.  Topics include, but are not limited to, licensing, fees, menu planning, banking, human resources and real estate.  Expert guest speakers from the food business community including lawyers and QuickBooks professionals will help guide participants. Halfway through the program, participants are assessed by their presentation of a business plan, elevator pitch, operational plan along with planned next steps to ensure they are advancing successful through the program....
First Lady McCray Hosts Conversation on Mental Illness

First Lady McCray Hosts Conversation on Mental Illness

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How are you feeling?  Are you or a loved one depressed or anxious?  Would you know what to do or where to go for help? First Lady Chirlane McCray hosted a community conversation on the subject of mental illness and the Thrive NYC program.  The goal was to connect individuals, and their loved ones, to services which help those affected by the disease.  Thrive NYC is a collection of programs which offer help and support.  One phone call to 888-NYC-WELL can start the process.  Assistance is not just a phone call away, but many of the Thrive NYC programs are proactive and reach out to connect with those who might be most in need.  The ‘Respect for All’ program which extends care to students and their families is currently located in over 130 schools

What to do if confronted by a ICE officer (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

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  With tensions and concerns high in immigrant communities, Long Island Wins has created three know-your-rights videos.  Long Island Wins is an advocacy and educational group which fosters community partnership with existing and new Americans.   Every day a new story seems to surface about an immigration raid, an airport detainment and, most shockingly, an immigrant agent showing up at at Queens elementary school looking for a fourth grader.   This type of nervous climate lends itself to scammers who take advantage of individuals who feel they are in a vulnerable place.  Knowing your rights is a good place to start.  Long Island Wins clearly communicates that these video are for informational purposes only and not legal advice.  They advise ...
What Free Tuition Really Means

What Free Tuition Really Means

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by KAREN CLEMENTS editor@thecommunitiesofcolor.com New York State has introduced the Excelsior Scholarship, a Tuition Free Degree Program. The program promises New York residents with family household gross incomes (as filed on your 2015 federal tax returns) of under $100K free tuition at a SUNY (State University of New York) or CUNY (City University of New York) institutions. The program is slated to begin in the 2017-18 academic year. Recipients can receive up to $5,500 toward their tuition costs which does not include grants from TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) Pell (a US government subsidy) or other scholarships. Eligible students must be enrolled in 30 credits over the course of the academic year which equates to enrolling in at least 12 credits per term or four classes (class...

And the Money Goes to…Participatory Budget Winners for Spring 2017

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Council Member I. Daneek Miller announced the winners for District 27's Participatory Budgeting projects! They are: Laptops for Classroom Learning (5 schools): $50,000 towards laptops for the Benjamin Franklin High School for Finance and Information Technology, PS/IS 268, PS 176, PS 140, PS 95 ($250,000) Bus Countdown Clocks/Real Time Information: Countdown clocks will be placed along the Q2, Q3, Q4, Q27, and Q110 routes ($270,000) NYPD Safety Cameras: Cameras will be installed in St. Albans and Jamaica ($150,000) Laptops for Classroom Learning (4 schools):  $50,000 towards laptops for PS 118, PS 134, PS 37 and the Emerson School ($200,000) Security Cameras for School Safety: PS 36 will receive security cameras around the perimeter of the building...

Too Far Down: The Rockaway Ferry

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by TODD MULLER What Does Rockaway Ferry Mean for Far Rockaway???? Is Far Rockaway thrilled about the Rockaway Ferry service which set sail on Monday, May 1, from Beach 108th Street, stopping in Sunset Park, then landing in Wall Street?   Correspondent TOod Muller asked commuters and employees near the Rockaway/Mott Av A station this week, the consensus was: Not really. The commuters we spoke with waiting for the A train at the Far on Monday morning had more questions than answers, from “Where is it?” to “How much does it cost?” to “Where does it go?” Far Rockaway resident Beth Navarette travels to Manhattan every weekday. When asked if she thought that the ferry would have any effect on her, she replied, “Probably not.” “Getting to the ferry is a pain,” she added, “I would just

The Life and Legacy of Helen Marshall, The Queen of Queens

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It was at the Helen Marshall Cultural Center that residents, elected officials, civic leaders, friends and family convened for a celebration of the life and legacy of the Honorable Helen Marie Marshall. Marshall is best known as Queens’ first Black Borough President, having served over a decade in the position from 2002 to 2013. However, it was her long history as a public servant which included service in the NYC Council and New York State Assembly, several civic accomplishments and for being one of the original founders of the Langston Hughes Community Library which were highlighted for the tribute. Assembly Member Jeff Aubry and Andrew Jackson (Sekou Molefi Baako) were the designated Co-Masters of Ceremony. Aubry represented her long elected official service while Baako, former Exec.
Voting Links for Million Dollar Participatory Budget Week Cycle 6

Voting Links for Million Dollar Participatory Budget Week Cycle 6

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Participatory Budget Time!  It’s time to vote on how to spend your tax dollars!  Millions are up for grabs. Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a voting process in which residents get to vote on how discretionary funds which are allocated to their Council member should be used.  Participatory Budgeting, Cycle 6, vote week is March 25th to April 2nd.  Council Districts 27 and 31, which are represented by Council Members Miller and Richards respectively, are the area districts open for participation.    A number of initiatives are vying for your vote including security cameras for schools, audio/visual school auditorium upgrades, NYPD Safety Camera, area park upgrades and more.  Look for community representatives out and about reminding residents to vo

Peninsula Residents Share Concerns At Town Hall

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by Todd Muller   “Devastated” was the most used word at the Town Hall meeting held by United States Representative Gregory Meeks at the Rockaway Peninsula YMCA on Monday night, March 13. In reaction to the actions of the Trump Administration, folks from Rockaway Park, Broad Channel, Far Rockaway, South Ozone Park, and Jamaica shared their fears that “devastated” would soon describe their whole lives: their health, their wealth, their shelter, their loved ones, the very ground on which they stand. While this kind of dire language can be typical at Town Halls, some of which have been pandemonium lately, even Representative Meeks, who did what he could to allay his constituents’ fear and anxiety, seemed daunted. “It’s rough,” he testified in his opening remarks. The me

Congressman Updates Community Leaders on Trumps First Months Actions

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Within the first month of his Presidency, Donald Trump’s executive orders have halted the travel of immigrants, prompted angry protests and stirred fears and concerns about health care across America.  Republican congressional leaders have been facing outrage and anger from their constituents in contentious town halls on their return home.  Congressman Gregory Meeks (Democrat), in his return from DC, held a series of immigration and health care town halls during the first week of March.  In addition, he held an update meeting for community leaders and clergy.  “There are so many things going on, I don’t know where to start,” said the Congressman.  “Every day I wake up, seems to be something else.”  The Congressman had a robust list of update items